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5 Tips for Your Running Routine

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It seems like everyone is “on the run” these days as they want to get in better shape and stay healthy. If you want to be part of the running revolution, or if you are a seasoned runner who is stuck in a rut, you may enjoy your run more if you incorporate these running tips into your daily routine.
Utilize These Running Routine Tips

Listen to Your Body

We are a tech savvy society, and runners are no different. While we are busy logging the right number of miles or the right speed for our prescribed running plan, we may be listening too much to our technology and too little to our body. A better plan is to pay attention to your body. If you are feeling fatigued the day after a long run, its okay to cut a mile or two off your route. If you are feeling great, then take advantage of that energy. When we don’t listen to our bodies, we are far more likely to invite an injury.

Avoid Bouncing

Bouncing wastes precious energy in the wrong direction. Your focus should be on moving forward, not up and down. In addition, the higher you bounce the more impact you put on your joints with each foot strike. Try to keep your feet near the ground and minimize the bounce. Keeping your arms relaxed and bent at the elbow near your side will also help. Sometimes bouncing results from taking a long stride. Elite runners tend to use shorter strides, minimizing the bounce which helps them run more and stay within their running routine

Increase Turnover Rate

If you take a shorter stride, how are you going to improve your speed? The answer lies in your turnover rate. Elite runners measure their cadence by counting how many times their left foot hits the ground in one minute. When you double this number, you have your turnover rate. Not only will a higher turnover rate get you to the finish line faster, it will also minimize the dreaded bounce.

Don’t Obsess over Your Foot Strike

The debate about which foot strike is best rages on, and a decisive conclusion has not yet surfaced. The heel strike puts a break on your speed, but it is easiest on the calf muscles. The mid-foot strike protects the foot from injury since the strike is distributed over the entire foot rather than the toes or the heel. However, the mid-strike is the slowest option. Toe strikes provide the best cushioning, saving your hip and knee joints. However, the toe strike also puts the most pressure on calf muscles, which could tire you prematurely.

Improve Your Posture

Poor posture can lead to injury. Good posture not only gives you greater lung capacity, but it also aligns your shoulders, hips, and arms in a natural, more injury-free position. Remember to look ahead of you rather than at the ground. And breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This action automatically improves posture.

Running is basically simple: lace up your shoes and head outdoors. However, with a few tweaks, even this simplest of exercises can become more efficient, easier on your body, all of which will make your running routine more fun!

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