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Advanced Foot and Ankle Center is a “Podiatric Group of Excellence” under the direction of Dr. Pedram Aslmand, an expert in sports medicine, arthritis therapy, and reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle. Our doctors specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders of the foot and ankle. Their combined training and experience as podiatric physicians and surgeons is unsurpassed. Patients can expect the most proven and advanced foot and ankle treatment techniques available. We use the latest in techniques and technology to provide each patient with the most comprehensive podiatric care available.

Our offices offer Advanced Painless Bunion Surgery, Non-Surgical Heel Pain Treatment, Endoscopic Heel Surgery, as well as general foot/ankle care and complex surgery. We take pride in our success addressing the most difficult cases. Additionally, we specialize in custom fitting orthotics and podiatric sports medicine services. Our doctors can help you take the necessary steps to remain injury free during athletic activities.

Foot & Ankle Specialist Long Beach

Leading Long Beach PodiatristWe pride ourselves on our prompt and courteous treatment of conditions ranging from minor foot problems to complex major reconstruction. Schedule a consultation to meet with one of our skilled podiatrists today. It’s the first step in getting you over your foot or ankle pain.

During your initial visit, a comprehensive clinical evaluation of your condition will be performed by one of our Advanced Foot and Ankle Center doctors. Our doctor will compile a detailed account of your symptoms as you have experienced them. He or she will also perform a complete hands-on exam to diagnose your specific condition.

Common Foot & Ankle Problems & Treatments

- Achilles Tendonitis
- Athlete’s Foot
- Bunions
- Charcot Foot
- Corns
- Hammertoe
- Ingrown Toenails
- Gout
- Shin Splints

This examination includes tests to analyze your gait, as well as an assessment of the full lower extremity. Because the body’s movements are so integrated, problems with the feet and ankles often affect many parts of the body. Coming up with the right treatment for you begins with the right diagnosis. So schedule a consultation today with Dr. Pedram Aslmand.


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