"I saw Dr. Aslmand for a running related injury. After going to multiple foot doctors in Los Angeles and not getting the right answer, I decided to make the drive to Long Beach after my friend highly recommended his office. On the first visit I was very impressed by his quick diagnosis and prompt and accurate treatment. Interesting that doctors at prominent UCLA and Cedars were not able to figure out. It has been three months and my foot pain is resolved with his shoe recommendation and the custom orthotics he made for me. Also, his staff was super friendly and accommodating with my schedule which was a big plus. So if you have Achilles issues and are not getting better, give this office a call."

Los Angeles, CA

"I am a marathon runner and went here when I was experiencing pain in the heel of my foot - he diagnosed me with Plantar Fasciitis and helped me come up with a plan for relief along with keeping with my normal running schedule. After a month sleeping in a specific boot, a cortisone shot and new insoles I was good as new. It's nice having a doctor who shows interest in his patients and their lifestyle without just telling you to take some time off from running and you'll heal. He's friendly, polite and the staff is really helpful. I never had a problem getting an appointment and appreciate him taking care of my beat up feet!"

Lakewood, CA

"highly recommend. Cured my plantar fasciitis last year and am now on the mend from Mortons neuroma. Experienced, caring, healing! Office staff is great too! I hope I don't have to be healed from anything else but if I do, I have complete confidence here!"

Lakewood, CA

"Dr Aslmand and his staff are great. Had a last minute emergency appointment, his office welcomed me with open arms. Dr Aslmand immediately noticed that I broke a certain bone in my foot. MRI confirmed he was correct. This was completely missed by a doctor I saw in Orange County."

Long Beach, CA

"I had the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Aslmand last year after tearing my plantar fascia. The treatment and care I received from him and his staff was beyond measure. This year, after exhausting other less-invasive options, I had to have surgery to relieve a growing discomfort from a neuroma. After having the surgery, I realized I hadn't even considered getting a second opinion! He and his office staff instill a wonderful level of confidence in both the medical approach he takes as well as the care and compassion patients would expect."

Long Beach, CA

"I've have been going to Dr. Aslmand for months because of my plantar fasciitis and I wouldn't go anywhere else. It's always easy to make an appt. and I can see him the same week. The front office are nice and I'm seen within 15 mins after I get there. Dr. Aslmand is always smiling and knew what my problem was right away. He explained what I had and what were my options. I've received two steroid injections in my heel and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I feel very comfortable being under his care. I don't mind driving 23 mins, 17 miles to be treated by him again and again. I'm having my mom see him next week for her bunion and would recommend him to anyone else who has foot problems."

Cerritos, CA

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