New Help For Heel Pain

There is new help for heel pain, If you suffer from heel pain, Autologous Platelet Concentrate (APC) may be just the right treatment for you. This new treatment is offering a non-surgical way to relieve heel pain. Anyone who has suffered from heel pain knows how debilitating this pain can be. Every step can be miserable. Walking is only done for the absolute necessary activities of life. Gone are the days of a nice jog, walking the dog, or even a nice slow walk on a beautiful day. APC is an option that is now available that may prevent surgery, eliminate the need for a cast, and decrease rehabilitation time.

Pedram Aslmand, DPM, a foot and ankle specialist in Long Beach, California says “heel pain is becoming more and more prevalent, mainly due to people walking on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt with minimal to no support.” In fact, heel pain is one of the most common reason people visit a podiatrist (or foot specialist.) This trend is not just isolated to the city. It is just as common in suburban America.

So what is Autologous Platelet Concentrate therapy? It is a simple process that involves the following: 1) approx. 30cc of blood is taken from a patient, 2) it is “spun down” is a machine (a centrifuge) to divide the blood into three parts. 3) The red blood cells and plasma are discarded, leaving around 3cc’s of the patient’s own platelets. 4) These platelets are then injected into the inflamed heal of the patient after a local anesthetic has been administered. The entire procedure can be completed in about15minutes. After the treatment, the patient will typically wear a device, called a CAM walker, for around a week. Many patients begin to experience relief within 2 or 3 treatments.

Dr. Aslmand has been excited about the results of APC therapy. “We have started using the new platelet therapy for chronic cases of heel pain and Achilles tendinitis with great success. This procedure has reduced the need for surgical treatment of heel pain dramatically.”

“The Platelet injection uses your body’s natural healing potential to repair the area that has been compromised with repetitive injury. The procedure is done in the office with minimal pain to the patient. It has been wonderful to offer my patients an option that simple, safe, and more cost effective than surgery.”

Autologous Platelet Concentrate is offering people new hope in overcoming the debilitating pain that can come with heel pain. APC injections have been successfully used as one viable treatment for Plantar Fasciosis and Achilles Tendinopathy. While considering treatment for heel pain, you may wish to have a discussion with a foot specialist about what APC injections, and how this treatment might be able to benefit you.

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