Dr. John Pagliano, DPM

Dr. John W. Pagliano is a foot and ankle specialist with over 36 years of experience in the field of sports medicine and injury prevention. He is internationally recognized as a prominent figure in the field of sports medicine and is commonly invited to lecture on injury prevention. Dr. Pagliano has treated some of the most famous world athletes both surgically and non-surgically. He is a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and is a clinical professor at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Podiatric Surgery program.

His interest
Not only is Dr. Pagliano one of the preeminent podiatrists in the country, he is also a seminal figure in Southern California distance running. Dr. Pagliano began running as a freshman in High School after being inspired by Roger Bannister’s first sub-four-minute mile in 1954 and has been running ever since. “Running is my passion,” says Pagliano. “I think it’s the greatest sport on Earth.

His approach to treating patient
Dr. Pagliano has continued to incorporate the latest research and techniques to get patients return to their normal life style. He emphasis on the body as a whole and uses this approach to improve the overall mental and physical being of the patient.

It is with great sadness to announce the passing of my esteemed colleague, Dr. John William Pagliano. Dr. Pagliano left behind a wonderful wife, daughter and his brother, Dennis. John had been diagnosed with lymphoma in 2005 and was under treatment at multiple occasions which slowed the progression of the disease. Unfortunately, he lost the battle without much discomfort on April 20th, 2012.

Dr. Pagliano specialized in podiatric sports medicine in Long Beach for over 40 years. He truly loved his profession and his patients. Being an athlete with over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons, he was the name people turned to for any sports related problems.

Pagliano began running in high school and continued this passion into Occidental College (where he was a member of the Occidental’s track hall of fame). Later he followed his father’s foot steps and became a podiatrist graduating from California College of Podiatric medicine in 1966. Pagliano considered running the greatest sports on earth. His love of the sport, inspired thousands of his patients to run and be active.

Dr. Pagliano was an iconic figure in the field of podiatry. He had a plethora of publications in medical journals. John was named one of the most influential podiatrists in 2011. In his past positions, he served as the past president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports medicine, Member of Science Advisory Boards and editor to many medical journal publications.

For many years, Dr. Pagliano was involved with teaching. He was the clinical instructor at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and adjunct professor of the California College of Podiatric Medicine. Many students were fortunate to intern under his supervision and learn his techniques and treatment protocols.

His departure is a great loss to his family, the practice and the community. He will be missed greatly but never forgotten.

In his honor a fund has been set up by his family to support the Occidental College’s sports program.

John W. Pagliano Memorial Fund:
Occidental College
1600 Campus Road M-11 Tiger Club Los Angeles, CA 90041
Please contact Dana Valk with questions- 323-259-2678

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