3 Ways to Rehabilitate Fallen Arches

Rehabilitate Fallen ArchesWhat is fallen arches? What are the main causes of these fallen arches? How can you determine if you have fallen arches? A fallen arch is a form of your feet that causes discomfort and severe pain. Normally, a person with fallen arches can see the arches underneath the foot.

The arches are created by tendons on your feet when they pull. Flat feet or fallen arches are medically called as the per planus that usually occur when your ligaments, small bones and tendons on the bottom of your feet can’t properly support your body, then subsequently collapse.

Thousands of people suffer from sole pains and various aches each year, and the top offender is the flat feet or fallen arches. While this fallen arches concept is something that you’ve heard before, it’s necessary to fully understand it and most importantly if how fallen arches will affect your mind, peace, and orthotic health. Fallen arches or flat feet have common causes and these include; congenital abnormality, torn/stretched tendons, broken bones, nerve conditions and rheumatoid arthritis.

1.) Understanding the type of Fallen Arches

Fallen arches are usually normal, especially to children. It is normal for young ones to have fallen arches at age of five years or sometimes ten years as they take time to the tendons, ligaments and bones on the side of the feet to form the supportive arches. When you notice that way in your kids, don’t panic, especially if it doesn’t cause any pain and problems when they’re walking.

But, they will definitely grow out, so it’s needed to be fix immediately. One of the best way to rehabilitate your flat feet is do a flat surface exam to figure out fallen arches. Moisten the feet then step into dry surface which shows the footprints. If the whole surface of the feet can be distinguished from the footprints, then your child has fallen arches. Whether it occur to children or adult, it’s normal to feel severe pain.

2.) Wear supportive shoes

No matter what type of fallen arches you have, wearing supportive shoes is one of the best ways to rehabilitate your flat feet. Wearing more shoes with arch support can provide benefits and can possibly give total relief to your leg, back or feet symptoms. Look for a comfortable athletic and walking shoes with good arch support firm heel counters, roomy toe case and flexible sole. Wearing more supportive shoes can really help to support your arches and decrease the Achilles and posterior tibial tension.

3.) Consult your Podiatrist

Self-care treatment is good and can reduce the possible risks of flat feet, but the most effective way to rehabilitate your fallen arches is to consult podiatrists. They are more knowledgeable and know how to effectively treat your fallen arches. A podiatrist can specialize the disease that you have in your feet and can provide you the correct treatment. They can do examination and x-rays to determine what type of fallen arches that you have and recommend you the right palliative like orthotic therapy, form of flat feet surgery or casting and bracing of your feet.

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